Sometimes web hosting does not get as much importance as web design, site structure, content. But web hosting should not be an overlook issue. A few important facts that make web hosting an important issue. So what are those facts or reasons?

Increase website security

Many small business owners don’t know that a website, no matter how secure it seems, isn’t as secure as you think. The reason why is that when the site is placed on an insecure server with various websites, there is a chance of one being hacked. A good host will prevent malicious attack with the help of firewall and other electric barriers. Business owners sometime cannot recognize types of hosting server available and choose the most reliable one. Interestingly, selecting the most reliable, secure server  plays an important part in business success. blue host,< a href=””>iPage,HostGator are the name of most prominent, fully secure hosting services.

Providing better customer service depends on web hosting

Your customers, site visitors want that your site is up and running 24/7. Finding a site  down frustrates both customers and traffic. Running a site all time depends on hosting service provider. Site down has a very negative consequences for large business particularly e-commerce site. Downtime of an e-commerce only for a few minutes for example could cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. In addition, dissatisfied customers may go to other e-commerce sites and purchase  products they are looking for. Worse, in future they may not visit the site that they found down earlier. So it has two major effects: loss of revenue and customers. Small business owners will not be spare from negative effect of site down problem. Specially, if the business is a start up business that want to increase customer base rapidly. Think about a situation, for example, in a startup business site hundreds of new potential customers click on the link in google search result page only to discover that the site is down. This will definitely make them unhappy and have a negative impression on their mind about the startup business.

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Ensure getting better customer support:

A good hosting service provider will have a strong customer service team with strong knowledge of server technology. If for any reason, your site is down, they will give you instant support by answering you query over phone or online chat. If the problem is from their end they will fix it up in shortest time period, get your site up and running as early as possible. But hosting provider with low quality will not have that strong customer support team. They will act slowly, give an inaccurate explanation regarding your problem leaving you in further anxiety. Often time it takes hours even days to get your site live again.






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