Some Companies have been able to grow their business largely by using Facebook successfully. Before starting my main topic that is how facebook can be use for marketing purpose I want to give some valuable and interesting information about this most popular social media:

  1. There are over one billion users worldwide.
  2. 50 per cent of active users log on daily.
  3. The average user has 130 friends on Facebook.

In terms of information technology perspective where a particular technology does not last long but Facebook has been here for a long time with no sign of leaving, it is growing everyday.

As marketers see the growth and the possibilities of this site, more and more companies setting  up business pages and seeing some real positive results by using this site.

So how you can start marketing  in Facebook?

There are many page type to choose from.  The most practical option for most businesses is the business page. This page can be created very easily and you don’t need to be a member of Facebook to see it.

Other points about business pages:

  • Pages are easily seen by Google.
  • A small business could use a Facebook page as its first website.
  • Facebook is free to join and use.
  • One billion people on Facebook could potentially see your page.

How to set up a Facebook business page:

There are two ways of setting up your own business page. The first is the most common way, but you need to have a personal account in Facebook in order to create your business page. To build your page simply click the create page link from the drop down menu of your profile page. Please see below screenshot:

After clicking you will see this page:

And as you can see in the screenshot please click on the box marked  with red square and then follow easy instructions to create you business page.

The second way is to go straight to and again follow simple instructions.

There are a few advantages if you build a business from your personal profile. Here are those:


  • If you run your business page off a personal profile, you own the page and can access it to update it.
  • You can and should allocate trusted members of your team as “admins”, which means they will also have access to the business page for updating it. They will not, however, be able to see your personal profile page, only their own, which means they must have their own Facebook accont.
  • Any admin can delete another admin, so choose your team carefully.
  • By running your page off your profile, you have the ability to share any of the content with your own Facebook friends, and the other admins can share content with their friends.



On the other hand if you choose to run a business only account, there is little less functionality. If you run a business-only account, you have no friends to share information with.

You need to be careful when choosing your page name. Because it can only be changed if you have fewer than 100 fans/lies.  But if you have more than 100 fans/likes than to change your page name you need to apply to Facebook to change your business page name. However, changing page name is not a good idea.


How to make your page look good?

Two things will make your page attractive. First load up your company logo straight into the small image holder.

The hero or large image space is also very important and you should be creative here. Create an image that signifies what your business is all about.

And also change this banner like image regularly. Not so often but in a periodic manner.


What applications you can use?

There are many applications (apps) you can add to your Facebook business page. The majority of Facebook apps are free, but some do have a small charge. Here are a few most Facebook apps:


  • Tabsite: It is a very popular welcome page app.
  • Foursquare: It is a location based app that allows you to put a map on your Facebook page to show visitors exactly where your business or office is.
  • Instagram: This app will feed your Instagram photos in to another page. So your fans can see an extra bunch of images from your brand.


What sort of content should you put on your Facebook page?

Now  finally about content. There are two types of content for your page—on topic and off topic. On topic is everything to do with your page’s topic. It could include industry links and articles as well as your own news. Topic can be educational or inspirational.


Off topic is  on any issue that can be used to generate a little engagement or conversation on your page to get people talking. You can ask very simple question to people so that they can answer the question just thinking one or two seconds. Sometimes these simple questions generate the most comments and interaction.

Here a few easy question you can ask your fans:

  • What is favorite smatphone app?
  • What are some of the best books you have read?
  • What is the most foolish thing you did this week?


Facebook is becoming a marketer’s dream place. The site gets better and better as time goes by. So start your product marketing from this great site today if you have not started already.


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