Back in march of this year unlocklive re-developed Bangladesh swimming federation’s website. The site was re-designed more attractively. In addition, we built a web application for tracking trainee swimmers performance. Let us see how it works:

Bangladesh swimming federation run a talent hunt program for young swimmers of the country. Their aim is finding talented swimmers so they can compete successfully in the international competitions. First they select 160 young swimmers both male and female for the training program from the whole country.performance-tracking

Then they divide these 160 swimmers into eight groups.  Each group get training under the supervision of a coach. There is a head or main coach who supervises all of the groups and groups coaches.  Each training day is divided into three training sessions morning, afternoon and evening. In every training session each trainee swimmer’s performance is measured in a 10 point scale. In this 10 point scale point is given to a particular swimmer based on different criteria. For example, did he attend the  session timely, did he follow the instruction and how he perform in training etc. Coaches assigned to the groups give the mark to swimmer. So each day a swimmer gets marks in three sessions.  At the end of the day coaches update this mark in our software. And at the end of a training week  total marks of every swimmer is calculated from the software and then head coach select best 10 swimmers of the week from the total marks achieved by a swimmer. Then he publish the result in the website with pictures of the best performing trainee swimmers.

The entire process is a complicated one had it been done it manually using excel or otherwise. However, our software team make it easy by developing this performance tracking software.

Sports organizations that conduct training programs can use this web application to find out promising young athletes, footballers, cricketers.

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