Today I will discuss about what is social media and how social media can grow your business.

First, what is social media? The term ‘ social media’ can be broken down into two parts.. ssocial and media

The ‘social’ part: It means interacting with other people by sharing information with them and receiving information from them.

The ‘media’ part: It means instrument of communication by which you communicate and share information with other people. In this case the internet is the instrument. Radio, TV, Newspapers are more traditional forms of media.

So if we combine these two terms together the social media can be defined as It is a web-based communication tools that enable people to interact with each other by both sharing and consuming information.

How will social media can increase your business?

Some companies have been able to grow their business massively by using social media successfully. But how can you do it? If you are interested at this point please continue reading.

There are five things you need to do to grow your business by social media.

  1. Expose your products or services to outside world
  2. Listen to your customers.
  3. Build your business network
  4. Find your happy clients

      Expose your products or services to the outside world: Facebook alone has over one billion users across the world and this figure is increasing everyday. There is no such media like Facebook  that has such huge audiences. You can introduce, promote your business to millions of people by Facebook. Most of the social media is free. Also social media advertising is cheaper than traditional advertising.


Listen to your customers: In your Facebook post you can ask people what problem do they have during using products? What desires do they have that are not being met? When people will respond you can come up with solution that will solve peoples or your customers problem.  This will make a good relation with your customers. So listening to your customer is your second steps in social media marketing.

Build your business network: Successful business man knows how essential having good business network. According to many business experts success of business mainly depends on connections wit with important people.  For example, getting  work order from large organizations you need good connections with people working there. Getting bank loans or simply in any business process you should have connection with people. By using Social media like LinkedIn you can make good connection with people who are important to your business.

Find your happy clients: Some of your customers and clients are absolutely happy with your products and services and express their satisfaction about your business everywhere. First find them who actually they are. And then do something special for them so that they speak more loudly about your business in online or any other people or media

This is really time of social media marketing. So if you are a small or large business owner don’t just sit back and start using these great tools to expand your business and increase your profit margin.



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