As a large or medium size business owner you may have various projects running at the same time. Now the question is how would you effectively manage all of your important projects? The good news is project management software would take care of managing all of your projects.

What is project management software:

It is a type of software that is used to plan, organize, manage various aspects of project. This software can do the following task:

  • Help with project planning.
  • Used to assign resources
  • Assist with scheduling
  • Act as a collaboration tool to make communication between project team members and stakeholders.
  • Allows for the creation and assignment of tasks, deadlines and status reports.
  • This software has document sharing and collaboration feature
  • It has ability to track time for all tasks related to project.

Users and types of project management software

A wide range of industries use project management software from airplane builders to software companies. But dependency on this software varies from industry to industry. For example, Consultants, service providers, and marketing agencies commonly use project management software. There are different types of project management software. This type of software can be classified according to 2 major  categories. These are :

  1. Desktop: The desktop version of the software can be installed in each users desktop or laptop. This software has the most responsive and graphic interface.
  2. Client server: Collaboration is easier by this version of the software.

project management software

Two of the most popular project management systems are Asana and Trello .






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