Since the booming of Internet in the early 2000’s there is a dramatic change in the business world. Particularly in case of marketing. Think about situation in 80’s or 90’s. Only marketing option for business was print  and media. Companies depended heavily on newspapers, TV ad, billboards,  mailing out brochures and sales flyers for their products promotion. But internet now changed order of the game in case of product marketing. You have now multiple options for your product marketing by using internet many of the options with free of cost. Does it mean that traditional or offline marketing is dead? The answer is of course not. In fact business organizations should adopt both online and offline marketing strategies for their business growth.

Differences between online and offline marketing strategies

Dissimilarity between online and offline marketing strategies will reveal why both of these techniques need to apply for product branding. Social media is a great tool in case of online marketing. Perhaps the most important feature of of social media marketing is reaching your product information with sheer number of people across the glove with relatively low cost. Facebook, the most popular social media among others, for example, has nearly 1.4 billion users now. Practically, you can reach to these 1.4 billion users with your product information. Social media channels have other useful features. They will allow you spreading your product information among targeted audience not people in general. This is big advantage. Because if your products are for instance  women perfumes and without segmenting customer base you reach both male and female then your products will not sale out as much as it would sale out if you target only female customers. Another major advantage of digital marketing is it is less costly compare to its offline counterpart. Production cost to run a commercial ad costs free to hundreds of thousands of dollars. In Facebook you can promote your products by spending far less amount of money.

However, traditional marketing  will help you a lot if you want to capture local market. You can reach your local people or people within your community by applying offline marketing strategy. This includes publishing ads in local newspapers. You can also promote campaign by local radio stations. Thus, local people will get to know that about your products. Sometimes people has much love to local brands than outside brand.  So you can get a few ideal and loyal local customers by traditional marketing strategies.

Online and offline marketing strategies

So why do companies need to apply both online and offline marketing strategies

From the above discussion we can see that both online and offline marketing strategies have a few unique advantages. They are mutually effective while setting a successful product marketing plan. In short you can target global audience by online marketing. While by traditional marketing you can get a share of local business. So both are important and you should integrate both method in your marketing strategy.

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