Most websites are built by a web developer who writes the code and a designer who make the site visually great. But who is responsible for creating a website that gives visitors the information in a clear and concise way? Majority of websites content are full of ‘jargon’. Jargon means specialize vocabulary that is words that only a few people can understand. Using difficult words as web content is a very bad idea. Because most of the people cannot understand it.  Actually it is the responsibility of content writer writing content in a very simple and attractive language so that people in general can understand the language easily.

An example will clarify the issue. Let us see two headlines of a firm that unblock drain . Often time you will see this type of headlines in the home page of a site.

“Let Tommy’s Unblock Your Drains”

Tommy’s Drainage: We strive to unblock your drains in the quickest possible time. Our company has been working on blocked drain solutions for the last 10 years. So our established teams know what they are doing. For all your drain solutions, look no further than Tommy’s.

Now let see  headline of the same company but in a different style:

“Your Drains Unblocked Fast”

4 Hour Response Time Guaranteed*** find out more

Tommy’s Drainage: the trusted name in unblocked drains, drain laying and drainage services. Hassle free, friendly, professional and expert advice. We have grown to be one the largest specialist drainage and drain unblocking firms through a true commitment to customer service. Give us a call now!!

First if you compare two headlines and paragraphs you will notice that the second headline is much better than the first. Secondly, examine both paragraphs. In the first paragraph there is a word ‘solution’ couple of times. This word does not match with the company’s main business.. unblock the drain. The word is more appropriate for a software company. On the other hand, language of second paragraph is much more appealing. Suppose you have blocked drains. You need action and you need it now!!. Exactly this has been stated in the second paragraph. With a four hour response time in the headline, and easy to understand , no odd word in the paragraph the second headline will definitely attract more people with blocked drains and inspire them greatly to call for service.

The home page message is so important as you only have a handful of seconds to impress a visitor and encourage him to browse further in your site.  But if the home page message is not attractive and difficult to understand then visitors will go away quickly to other sites.

Language of home and about us page should be very clear and understandable. Because every visitor read these two pages to understand what the company is about and what it can offer.  But how can you sure that your home and about us page is understandable to everyone? You can test it easily. Get a couple of 13 year old kids and request them to read your content and explain to you their understanding. If they explain the content exactly the way you would do then you can safely assume that your language will understand by every people.

In summary, simple content will help everyone understand your site. So keep content simple as much as you can.





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