Hello everyone. I hope you are fine and doing well in today’s cool rainy day. Today i want to give a brief account of one of our project winning software online admission system.

Unlocklive developed this software in order to automate the admission procedure of schools, colleges and universities. This system is an web application which can be accessed from anytime, anywhere.

Use of this software would greatly help both students and admission authority. First, take a look how students would be benefitted.

  • Avoid tedious admission process. Candidates no need to collect admission form or submit the form by going to institutions. They can fill out and submit the form online anytime while staying at their comfort zone.
  • Students can make payment online and upload all necessary documents.
  • They would get SMS confirmation that their admission application submit process has been successful.

Now see how institute would get advantages by using this software:

  • Institutes no longer require printing and storing admission forms.
  • Institutes no longer require deputing huge manpower to distribute and collect forms.
  • Institutes need not to employ extra manpower to answer any query asked from students/ guardians.
  • Institutes don’t need take the burden of posting the application form for outstation candidates. Candidates can fill application form from anywhere.
  • The process is very accurate and reliable. In the traditional process human error can take place while sorting the applicant’s form causing a disastrous result for a candidate. But using this software would eliminate any kind of error may cause from manual processing.
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